Brooke McGowen

Brooke McGowen

This art book is 5 x 6.5 in. with 20 pages and 8 illustrations. It is a film scenario about the future. We see the Starving Poor pitted against the Filthy Rich who live in Fortress World. It is a love story about two people from Fortress World who travel through the Mountain of Garbage to join the Waterdrinkers. The Waterdrinkers are a group of people who have created a society based on love and cooperation instead of money.



The film is the story of a young girl from Fortress World who accidentally finds her way to the camp of the Waterdrinkers. She loves the life at the camp, cooking Organic Vegetables, playing with babies and having sex in tents.

The police are sent to bring her home. They have orders to shoot the Waterdrinkers but they are unable to do it. They lower their guns, suddenly touched by the sweet scene of the Waterdrinkers with their babies. The generals scream and sputter at their men to attack.The soldiers turn on the generals and kill them.
Society has collapsed into class war.
The Filthy Rich have the Organic Vegetables delivered with drones. The Starving Massses try to shoot down the drones with arrows or capture them with lassos.


The Waterdrinkers learn from animals to be aware and from plants how to grow and be beautiful.

The new way of doing things is cooperation instead of competition. People who are selfish and greedy are considered atavistic.

Society is based on the common goal of preserving and restoring the natural environment which enables life on this planet.

Sun and wind energy and other sources of renewable energy have removed the power from the corporations and placed it in the hands of the local community.

The Waterdrinkers do not believe in working for money. They enjoy productive work helping their friends to build things or fix things. They love the good feeling you get sitting down with your friends to a steaming meal of Organic Vegetables after work.


The film has a happy ending.

You see the guy and the girl among the beautiful Organic Vegetables.

You can see them sitting around a fire and laughing with the others. It is getting dark and the fire animates their faces.

The children are running in the grass, damp with dew.